Noteworthy Books of 2023

2022 was a record year for reading. 2023 was more typical, with (only) 70 books read. These are books that stood out to me as I looked back over the list, in no particular order.

I mentioned the Scholomance series in 2022 when I read the first two books of the trilogy. The third in the series wrapped it up nicely. I read the second book in Rebecca Roanhorse’s Between Earth and Sky series, Fevered Star this year, and eagerly await the third book, due out in June. I thought Tamsyn Muir’s The Locked Tomb series was ending with Nona the Ninth but wait, there’s more! Alecto the Ninth is coming! And when it does I really need to reread the first three. (I should have reread the first two before I read Nona.It was difficult to pick up plot threads in the middle.) Gideon the Ninth remains one of my favorite characters ever. Along with Murderbot, whose diaries continue. I read Fugitive Telemetry this year and look forward to System Collapse and I hope beyond!

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I heard a lot about Legends & Lattes and Code Name Verity online and enjoyed them both. Neither is my usual cup of tea; sometimes we need something a bit different. The new prequel to Legends & Lattes is now on my Want to Read list. I finally got around to The Grisha (now The Shadow and Bone Trilogy) and devoured it. I look forward to reading the other books in that world. It’s good to have a new magic system and world to explore.

Two standalone books that I wish were series are The Goblin Emperor and The Spare Man. The goblin emperor is so sweet and Tesla Crane is so delightfully NOT sweet.

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In the historical fiction category The Baroque Cycle consumed much of my summer. And either I never read Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes when it first came out – it’s hard to believe that I missed one – or I don’t remember it. Either way, a great pirate adventure.

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Both The Graven and The Founders Trilogy worked for me on the grand scale and the personal level. I like books that make you think and feel.

I finished off the year with the Great Cities Duology, after almost not finishing the first book. It ended up being a good but uncomfortable read. Which is good for me, like eating my vegetables. Still, I think I’ll go reread The Hobbit and remind myself what the real plot is after watching the movies a few times …