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Her Final Words

I found this book deliciously dark and sad.

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The Unspoken

It was … fine. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it.

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The Punishment She Deserves

I have always loved this series and this is a nice addition to it. They’re mysteries, yes, but rich in detail and human interactions and not something you can or should rush through.

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Her Name is Knight

Nicely plotted, suspenseful tale covering human trafficking and a secret society devoted to a united Africa, by almost any means.

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DCI Satterthwaite Series

For a mystery series to hold my attention it needs to have nice, twisted plots of course. Mysteries are the ultimate in plot-driven. But that’s not enough to carry a series for me. It needs to have at least a great cast of characters, interesting relationships between them, or an interesting setting. Ideally all of the above, and this series had that, for me.

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A Beach House to Die For

It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. I’d call it average. Decent plot, decent characters.