Science Fiction & Fantasy

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The Wormwood Trilogy

I almost stopped — or at least paused — after the first book. But I wanted to see what happened and it sounded like the unlikable main character had a smaller role in the second and third books so I kept going. I thought the series improved as it went on.

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The Invisible Library

Great series of capers with a female main character who for a pleasant change isn’t described as breathtakingly beautiful. The focus is on skills, courage, and creativity.



Thrillers aren’t generally my thing. The characters tend to be two dimensional and hard to get invested in, particularly female characters. That holds true here. There’s no sense that they’re real people; they’re just vehicles to carry the plot forward. The tech and the weapons are the stars here.

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Alchemical Journeys

This is not a series that follows the same characters through each book. But you learn more about this world as each book progresses, so I would still recommend starting at the beginning if you haven’t read any. (Plus I think the first book is the best.)

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The Fall of Ile-Rien

I will read anything Martha Wells writes. The Murderbot Diaries and The Books of the Raksura are both excellent. This series, while very good, is a level below those. I wouldn’t start here if you’re new to Martha Wells. Or to Ile-Rien.

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The Expanse

One of my favorite science fiction series ever. Just read it. It’s that good.

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When a friend of mine saw this blog she said that based on the books I read, I probably liked Outlander. Why yes I do!

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Children of Time

All three books are award winners, which tells me that there’s something there worth reading.

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Station Eternity

Hah! A murder mystery that pokes fun at the amateur sleuth model. I needed that right now.

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Hollywood Lakes Series

The books were gently humorous and Hollywood Lakes sounds like a great place to visit.