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Asian-Inspired Fantasy and Science Fiction

I searched for recommendations on Asian-inspired fantasy to read during our first trip to Asia and was surprised by how little I found. So in case anyone else is on the lookout, here is my own list of Asian-inspired fantasy.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy



Thrillers aren’t generally my thing. The characters tend to be two dimensional and hard to get invested in, particularly female characters. That holds true here. There’s no sense that they’re real people; they’re just vehicles to carry the plot forward. The tech and the weapons are the stars here.
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Alchemical Journeys

This is not a series that follows the same characters through each book. But you learn more about this world as each book progresses, so I would still recommend starting at the beginning if you haven’t read any. (Plus I think the first book is the best.)
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The Fall of Ile-Rien

I will read anything Martha Wells writes. The Murderbot Diaries and The Books of the Raksura are both excellent. This series, while very good, is a level below those. I wouldn’t start here if you’re new to Martha Wells. Or to Ile-Rien.


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Barbara Holloway

Legal thrillers aren’t usually my thing. I like this series for the setting (Eugene, Oregon) and the characters. Oh, and the food descriptions. Cookbook, please.
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Kinsey Millhone Series

I have read and loved every one of these 25 books and I will miss Kinsey.
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Eye of Isis Series

Another great setting and community from Stabenow that feels authentic. And good mysteries too.

Historical Fiction

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The Saxon Stories (AKA The Last Kingdom)

I’ve been following this series since about 2011. I won’t say I’m sorry to see it go, since Uhtred’s tale is told, but I will miss the characters.
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This is an engrossing book about a misty time in history, and a fascinating woman.
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First can I just say that I’m annoyed that I now have to buy two books in order to read this? Really? I still like the story.


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Noteworthy Books of 2023

2022 was a record year for reading. 2023 was more typical, with (only) 70 books read. These are books that stood out to me as I looked back over the list, in no particular order.
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The Prince

Could. Not. Finish. Yawn
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The Luminaries

This novel won the Man Booker prize, which made me a little wary.