The Spare Man

by Mary Robinette Kowal

Tesla Crane, a brilliant inventor and an heiress, is on her honeymoon on an interplanetary space liner, cruising between the Moon and Mars. She’s traveling incognito and is reveling in her anonymity. Then someone is murdered and the festering chowderheads who run security have the audacity to arrest her spouse. Armed with banter, martinis and her small service dog, Tesla is determined to solve the crime so that the newlyweds can get back to canoodling—and keep the real killer from striking again.

My Take

I had been saving this one and rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation after reading lots of good things about it in social media. It did not disappoint. Twisted plot, great cast, witty repartee, a strong yet vulnerable heroine, quirky worldbuilding. I would definitely like to see this turn into a series. I need more Tesla Crane et al in my life. I was mildly disappointed by the cocktail recipes. Maybe I just need to branch out. I did enjoy the afterward that discussed cocktails and how to concoct them.