The Venetian Affair

by Helen MacInnes

While on assignment in Paris and Venice, an American journalist works desperately to expose Communist espionage activities.

Fenner burned Rosenfeld’s message, reminding himself wryly that he was behaving in the very best tradition. This was a game not too difficult to learn, he thought. A game? A game in deadly earnest. A vacation in Venice that was grim business. A girl constantly beside him who wasn’t his. How the hell had he walked into this upside-down world? Where, he wondered suddenly, would Venice lead?

My Take

What a time warp of a book. Of course it’s almost as old as I am, so not surprising. I bought and read this mainly because we were heading to Venice on vacation, and I like to read things set where I am going to, at, or just came from. The plot required a fair suspension of disbelief. Or at least I hope spywork is not so haphazard. I did enjoy the characters and the writing. It just kept tripping me up in a Mad Men kind of way.