Magic for Liars

by Sarah Gailey

Ivy Gamble has never wanted to be magical. She is perfectly happy with her life. She has an almost-sustainable career as a private investigator, and an empty apartment, and a slight drinking problem. It’s a great life and she doesn’t wish she was like her estranged sister, the magically gifted professor Tabitha.

But when Ivy is hired to investigate the gruesome murder of a faculty member at Tabitha’s private academy, the stalwart detective starts to lose herself in the case, the life she could have had, and the answer to the mystery that seems just out of her reach.

My Take

I picked this book to read next because the way the cover looked on my Kindle, I kept reading the title as Magic for Lars and I was tired of it. So I read it. This was my first Sarah Gailey book so I didn’t have many expectations coming into it. Although I did think that at some point along the way it would turn out that Ivy, the main character, would suddenly manifest magical powers. It was an entertaining murder mystery with magical elements and a bit of romance thrown in. Ivy is certainly not a lovable character, but I find her all too relatable. If irritating. Interesting take on a magical high school. And of being a muggle in a world of witches and wizards, ur mages.