by Daniel Suarez


book cover

When a designer of computer games dies, he leaves behind a program that unravels the Internet’s interconnected world. It corrupts, kills, and runs independent of human control. It’s up to Detective Peter Sebeck to wrest the world from the malevolent virtual enemy before its ultimate purpose is realized: to dismantle society and bring about a new world order.


The New York Times bestseller Daemon unleashed a terrifying technological vision of an all-powerful, malicious computer program. Now, our world is the Daemon’s world—unless someone stops it once and for all…

The Daemon is in absolute control, using an expanded network of shadowy operatives to tear apart civilization and build it anew. Even as civil war breaks out in the American Midwest in a wave of nightmarish violence, former detective Pete Sebeck—the Daemon’s most powerful, though reluctant, operative—must lead a small band of enlightened humans in a movement designed to protect the new world order.

But the private armies of global business are preparing to crush the Daemon once and for all. In a world of shattered loyalties, collapsing societies, and seemingly endless betrayal, the only thing worth fighting for may be nothing less than the freedom of all humankind.

My Take

These books have been gathering virtual dust in the my TBR pile for as long as I can remember, so I finally bit the bullet and read them. Thrillers aren’t generally my thing. The characters tend to be two dimensional and hard to get invested in, particularly female characters. That holds true here. I wouldn’t call any of them lovable. There’s no sense that they’re real people; they’re just vehicles to carry the plot forward. The plot is pretty good. These are fast reads: lots of action, not a lot of fluff. Then again I worked in high tech so others may find it hard to follow? I won’t be back for more from this author. I did find the second book better than the first, with more focus on “now what?” rather than just endless pointless action.

Oh, and there’s a scene at a rave in Daemon that many might find disturbing. It’s an outlier and you could safely skip over it. It seems to exist to show that the POV character is a slimy creep. Got it. Move on.