A Beach House to Die For

by K. C. Ames

What could go wrong with starting over in a tropical paradise?

Life in San Francisco was getting too expensive, too hectic, and too crowded for recently divorced Dana Kirkpatrick. When this big-city girl inherited a beach house in a coastal Costa Rica town, she took it as a sign and packed her bags. Dana imagined the small beach town would have its challenges, but she never could have predicted legal troubles, local wildlife, and being adopted by a stray cat.

And now she’s suspected of murder!

It’s not quite the fresh start she envisioned when she moved to the tropical paradise beach community of Mariposa Beach. If you love quirky characters, offbeat animals, and small beach town charm with a cozy mystery to solve, then you will love this new series! Although this is a series the books stand alone and you can read them in any order you like.

My take

As I usually do before going on a trip I searched for Costa Rican fiction not expecting to find a whole lot but I did find some Costa Rican beach themed mysteries. I read this first one in the series. The author is someone who grew up in Costa Rica but now lives in San Francisco. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. I’d call it average. Decent plot, decent characters. Sounds like a great beach house to live in. Maybe I’ll try another one but not yet.